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About TickiPAY

TickiPay offers a robust set of tools for managing digital voucher/ token/ ticket inventory. Suppliers can create an account, build their product profile and manage their inventory. Then choose where and how to sell it and watch the sales happen in real time.


TickiPay makes it easy for distributors to sell a basket of digital products. We provide a user friendly interface, a single recon process and one account for managing all transactions. It’s never been easier to sell vouchers or accept bill payments.


Convenience, trust and security are what matter most. In a world where there are more products to buy, more locations or platforms to use and more ways to make payments, consumers have never had it easier. But this makes life more complicated for suppliers and distributors – demand can change in an instant. TickiPay has got consumers covered with a multi-platform, payment agnostic approach.